Image of Environmental Taxation in the Pandemic Era: Opportunities and Challenges


Environmental Taxation in the Pandemic Era: Opportunities and Challenges

At a time when climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic pose a global existential threat, this timely and important book explores how policy responses to a pandemic create both opportunities and challenges for the increased use of environmental pricing instruments, such as carbon taxes, and tradable permit schemes, and targeted green fiscal incentives. The chapters provide an important foundation of knowledge and analysis about how a pandemic affects environmental tax policy. They identify lessons from policy makers' responses to the management of the pandemic and implications for addressing the threat of climate change and other environmental challenges. They highlight the need for environmental pricing instruments in the mix of policy instruments even in the wake of a pandemic. They present theory and empirical analysis, and they feature a number of country-specific case studies, including the experience of developing countries. This book takes readers into the important and unprecedented circumstances of our time where pandemic policy meets environmental policy for the short and long terms. It will be of great interest to researchers, students and scholars in environmental policy, tax and law, as well as the industry sector, policy makers and government officials.

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