1. All visitors are obliged to fill out the guest book available in the staff room.
  2. All visitors are obliged to store bags in the staff room and are only allowed to carry stationery or notebooks.
  3. All visitors are ONLY ALLOWED to read in the DDTC library area during operational hours (Monday to Friday, 09.00-17.00).
  4. Books that have been read MUST BE RECORDED in the list of outgoing books on the library table.
  5. Books that have been read MUST be returned to the book basket.
  6. All visitors MUST maintain the cleanliness and neatness of the book(s).
  7. Eating or drinking in the library area is FORBIDDEN.
  8. Tearing a page(s) of any books or any action that may cause damage to the book(s) is FORBIDDEN.
  9. Copying/scanning/other forms of replication of books are FORBIDDEN.
  10. Violations of items 8 & 9 will be dealt with accordingly by the library management.
  11. Please note that the library is equipped with CCTV, all forms of book theft will be reported to the authorities.