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How To Manage Your Law Office - Volume Two

This two-volume set hopes to guide readers to better, more efficient office management, resulting in increased productivity and larger profits. Topics covered include: solo practice, federations of firms, space sharing, partnership structures, professional corporations, use of committees, setting fees, and billing procedures. Find out about standard hourly billing rates of different size firms across the United States through annual surveys. Get the details on arrangements between lawyers: growth, mergers, branch offices, corporate in-house counsel, valuation of practice, capital accounts, definitions of law firm income, insurance, retirement, withdrawal and expulsion. Personnel administration with evaluation forms, compensation, profit distribution, insurance, office and finance systems, time records, bookkeeping, and computer systems are also covered. In addition, there are sample partnership agreements, counsel agreements, professional corporation employment and shareholders' agreements. The price quoted for the work covers one year's worth of service.

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Publisher Matthew Bender : New Delhi.,
vii, various page, 23.7cm
11 HOW ind 2