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Tax Dispute Resolution Challenges and Opprortunities for India

This book provides a holistic view of how tax policies have shaped in India, the importance of dealing with tax disputes and suggestions to improve, to tax payers, tax practitioners, tax administrators and tax administrative and judicial forums. Its meant to serve as a guide to tax policy makers to choose the practices adopted by nations and consider adopting them as Indias changing landscape will necessitate implementation of "out of box" ideas to address the situation and make our tax system modern and responsive to change. Global tax systems of the world will converge over a period of time and the convergence would be far more rapid, given that India is now active in shaping G20 tax policies as part of the OECD lead Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project. This will necessitate India not just to embrace polices on transparency and information exchange and protection of its tax base, but equally contribute in timely resolution of treaty-related disputes and gear up its policies to first avoid disputes and if disputes are inevitable, to seek timely resolution.

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