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The New Accountant: Being 2020 Proof

“The New Accountant: Being 2020 Proof” is a concise publication in which a number of developments in the accountancy market are described. This market is in full swing in a challenging way, and the management of many accounting firms will need to ask themselves a number of questions including the following:•In this rapidly changing market, where are you going to add value to your customers in the coming years while turnover per customer is typically declining?•Will you be able to build a future-proof office yourself in the coming years? •What changes (in IT, human capital, strategic management, etc.) are you going to implement as an accountancy firm in order to be future proof? Our goal is to provide the accounting professional and the senior management of smaller and medium-sized accountancy firms with guidance on transitional issues to a future-proof firm. In addition, for individual accountants the transition to become a trusted advisor should be a great challenge.

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