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Ethics and Taxation

This book does not present a single philosophical approach to taxation and ethics, but instead demonstrates the divergence in opinions and approaches using a framework consisting of three broad categories: tax policy and design of tax law; ethical standards for tax advisors and taxpayers; and tax law enforcement.
In turn, the book addresses a number of moral questions in connection with taxes, concerning such topics as:
• the nature of government • the relation between government (the state) and its subjects or citizens • the moral justification of taxes• the link between property and taxation• tax planning, evasion and avoidance • corporate social responsibility• the use of coercive power in collecting taxes and enforcing tax laws • ethical standards for tax advisors • tax payer rights • the balance between individual rights to liberty and privacy, and government compliance and information requirements • the moral justification underlying the efforts of legislators and policymakers to restructure society and steer individual and corporate behavior.

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