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Inter-agency Cooperation and Good Tax Governance in Africa

In 2015, the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and the
African Tax Institute at the University of Pretoria launched a project to
identify the links between corruption, money laundering and tax crimes in
Africa. The project promotes the concepts of good tax governance and the
importance to economic development of a tax system that is transparent
and free of corruption. The project explores how law enforcement agencies
and tax authorities can best cooperate to counter corruption and bribery.
The project was initially aimed at three focus countries, namely, Ghana,
Nigeria and South Africa, but soon was extended to other African
countries. This is a joint initiative with the United Nations Office on Drugs
and Crime (UNODC) and is also supported by the World Bank.
This book brings together a series of background papers prepared for the
Conference on Inter-Agency Co-operation and Good Tax Governance in
Africa held at the University of Pretoria in July 2016. After a rigorous
double peer-review process, the papers were revised by the authors.


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