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Chartered Accountant’s Documentation and Compliance for Audits and Reviews

With the recent developments, the role of auditors have been widened and the reliance being placed on their reports have increased. They are invariably called to evidence that they performed their duties with utmost care and in compliance with applicable laws and standards. In such a case only proper and adequate documentation by the auditor can come to his rescue.

Hence the need of keeping them updated with the grappling amendments in all the legislations, namely the Companies Act, 2013; Standards of Auditing and Accounting Standards is necessary.

This book contains the information on Standards of Auditing, Accounting Standards, Companies Act,2013 (as applicable for auditors) in an abridged manner, with the tabular presentation wherever possible, in a reader friendly manner.

It brings in an insight into the role of auditors, as prescribed under the provisions of Companies Act 2013, Peer Review Board, Quality Review Board, FRRB, NFRA and ICAI

It contains more than 100 drafts, which are ready to be used, for a Practicing Chartered Accountant, during the course of their planning, execution and reporting for various Audits. It also contains drafts of various templates and documents which are required for the maintenance of their resourcing and staffing activities.

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