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Audit, Investigations and Prosecution under Indirect Taxes

The title deals with the provisions of Audit, Investigations & Prosecution under the three Indirect Tax Laws i.e. Excise, Customs, and Service Tax. The taxation system in India works on the principle of self-assessment wherein the assessees need to determine their tax liability, compute the same and remit duly with the concerned Revenue department. The Government Officers are vested with responsibility to verify the Revenue declared, scrutinize the taxes assessed and remitted, and if the same is not found in order, then to investigate, litigate and if required, prosecute. The title discusses about steps taken by the Revenue officers to prevent the revenue leakage (via various Audits), methodology adopted to probe the source and reason of the leakage (via Investigations) and to bring into effect the provisions of prosecution & arrest, to penalize the responsible person.The provisions of all the three major Indirect Taxes, Excise, Customs and Service tax, have been discussed simultaneously, to help the readers analyse and compare the similarities and carve out the variances among them, when put in practice. These have been discussed in light of the practical approach adopted by the Revenue Officers, which are further explained with the help of Flow Charts and Tables.

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