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Modelling Corporation Tax Revenue

Modelling Corporation Tax Revenue examines the revenue growth properties of corporate income taxes and how firms respond to changes in corporation tax. It provides a companion volume to the authors’ Modelling Tax Revenue Growth, which explores the revenue growth and behavioural response properties of income and consumption taxes. rnrnJohn Creedy and Norman Gemmell examine the corporation tax structure and the implications for revenue elasticity both for individual corporations and for all firms combined. The authors highlight how asymmetries in the treatment of positive and negative profits in the tax structure affect firms’ revenues and behaviours, and demonstrate that the examination of corporation tax revenue requires a detailed treatment of dynamic aspects. Within the book, a dynamic microsimulation model is constructed and used to examine profits and taxes over hypothetical business cycles, concentrating on the revenue elasticity and profit shifting responses to tax changes.rnrnThis comprehensive yet concise book will appeal to researchers and graduate students in public finance, public economics and taxation, as well as economists in governmental departments and international organisations.

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